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TOTAL E&P NIGERIA LTD Sponsors AWACIO Program, Graduates Over 30 Indigenous Entrepreneurs In Abaji

TOTAL E&P NIGERIA LTD Sponsors AWACIO Program, Graduates Over 30 Indigenous Entrepreneurs In Abaji

OUR OBJECTIVE: In line with AWACIO’s mission to ensure the total well-being of women, children and adolescents worldwide and TOTAL E&P Nigeria Ltd’s corporate social responsibility mandate, AWACIO visited Abaji to commune with the community to select some candidates for its empowerment program, over 30 youth and women entrepreneurs were selected to participate in the program, highlighting the skills acquisition program put together by the two organizations.

REGISTRATION: About 425 youths and women were registered for the empowerment program. The registration process took some weeks and occurred at Abaji community school. This process enabled all candidates who were interested for the empowerment program to register.

During the registration Process, AWACIO visited the traditional ruler Ona of Abaji, to inform him of AWACIO/TOTAL E & P Nig Ltd’s mission and to gain his consent. AWACIO was well received. The traditional ruler pledged his full support for the program and thanked AWACIO/TOTAL E & P Nig Ltd, for considering the Abaji community. The community leaders believe that empowering their youths and women will yield good citizens of the community and keep them from being public menaces.

AWACIO engaged several trainers to train the youths and the women. These trainers represented the selected skills. Following several meetings and review of their certificates, six of them were selected. They were asked to sign an agreement form with AWACIO and submit a list of materials/tools needed to train the participants. They were urged to be committed and consistent in training the youths and the women.

The Orientation exercise was held at Abaji community school. The youths and the women were briefed on the orientation process, and the expectations for the week long training. The youths and women were asked to be punctual and to show commitment.
As part of the orientation exercise, the trainers were required to advertise their trade by making a presentation on their skills. The discussion included sharing the relevance of the skills, and how to generate good income from them including sharing experiences of average weekly income from each skill. This was necessary to help the participants to decide on what skill to sign up for.
The youths and women were trained in financial management and also on being good community citizens. The speaker gave the youths and women vital information about the need to know how to manage their finances after the training process is over and eventually become established in their various businesses. He gave them tips on how to balance their income and their expenditures.

After the selection process, the standbys were encouraged to participate in the skill training process as well.
AWACIO’s field representatives made regular visits to the training sites during training and provide reports and feedback concerning each group.

On Tuesday, May 19th 2015 the official Graduation Ceremony of over 30 indigenous entrepreneurs took place at the Abaji Community Town Hall. This event was organized by Aids for Women, Adolescents & Children Organization (AWACIO) and sponsored by TOTAL E&P Nigeria Ltd. This event was celebrated to highlight the skills acquisition program created to empower the Abaji women and youth. In line with AWACIO’s mission to ensure the total well-being of women, children and adolescents worldwide and TOTAL E&P Nigeria Ltd’s corporate social responsibility mandate, these youth & women entrepreneurs were formally trained on the acquisition of the following six vocational skills: Pastry Making & Hall Decoration, Painting & Screeding, Phone Repairs, Vulcanizing, Tiling, and Soap Making.
“We are pleased to have sponsored this program which is in line with TOTAL’s commitment to our corporate social responsibility. In empowering these women and youth we are furthering capacity development and staying at the forefront in fighting poverty in Nigeria.” This was stated by The Executive General Manager, Corporate Services, Mr. Vincent Nnadi, who was in attendance with other TOTAL E&P Nigeria Ltd officials, at the Graduation Ceremony. All in all the ceremony was a success with the presence of all parties concerned including: officials from TOTAL E&P Nigeria Ltd, AWACIO, Program Trainers, over 30 Program Trainees (including their friends & family members), representatives of the Ona of Abaji, national TV (NTA Channel 5 and Channel News), radio & newspaper media houses.

The event kicked off some minutes before 1PM with an opening prayer and the introduction of dignitaries and guests. This was quickly followed by opening remarks and introductory speech by the Chief Executive Officer of AWACIO, Dr. Claudia Okeke and afterwhich the Executive General Manager of Corporate Services, Mr. Vincent Nnadi delivered a speech on behalf of Total E &P Nigeria Ltd. The highlight of the ceremony came at the presentation of certificates and awards to the Program Trainers & their respective trainees. This part of the event was met with smiles and several applauses from the crowd in recognition of the hard work of the selected women & youth. Certificates were presented by TOTAL E&P Nigeria Ltd executives present, and also by the representatives of the Ona of Abaji. In closing the event, a heartfelt vote of thanks was given by the Madaki of Abaji (second-in-command to the Ona of Abaji) who expressed his gratitude to both TOTAL E&P Nigeria Ltd and AWACIO for their care and direct involvement in the empowerment of the less privileged. He thanked them earnestly and encouraged the program trainees not to abandon their skills, but to use them to provide for their families and improve the local economy.

Finally, the Abaji community dance troupe presented a traditional showcase of music and dancing in their local dialect. This was well-received and followed by group photographs and one-on-one interviews with selected persons (including company executives, program trainers & trainees) by the media houses present. Dignitaries and guests began departing the event venue shortly after.


As part of AWACIO’s program, we make sure that the trainees trained, use their skills to help themselves, their families and the society at large, with this effect, AWACIO’s field representatives are in continuous contact with the trainees to make sure that this aim is achieved. Below are some pictures taken during their training session.

Overview of Pastry & hall decoration group during training

Overview of Tiling group during their training

Overview of Phone Repair group during their training.

Overview of painting group during their training

Overview of Vulcanizing group during their training

Oveview of Soap making group during their training


The trainees taking lecture on financial management