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  • Provision of borehole facilities.
  • Education and Screening of women and adolescents in rural areas (villages) for detection of abnormal pap smear for the purpose of screening for cervical cancer.
  • Creation of jingles and awareness campaign on cervical cancer on Television and Radio in the form of informative programs.
  • Construction of toilets in public schools.
  • Provision of scholarship to public secondary school students.
  • Sponsorship of Health Programs on Radio and Television.
  • Training and health workshops in the rural parts of Nigeria
  • Support the effort to pass the law on stigmatization of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH/A) in the National Assembly.
  • Creation of Cervical Cancer Club/ abstinence club to engage the youths.
  • Renovation of classrooms in public schools in rural areas.
  • Provision of HPV vaccine for treatment of Cervical Cancer.