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AWACIO Participates In Pacesetters’ Health Day Event

Abuja, FCT - May 14, 2015: AWACIO joins Pacesetters’ Secondary School located in Gwarinpa, Abuja FCT area to celebrate the school’s Health Day event.

The CEO of AWACIO, Dr. Claudia Okeke, was very pleased when the Principal of Pacesetters’ College, Mr. Ekujumi confirmed that AWACIO could be a resource NGO by providing information to the students on the effects of using street drugs such as Marijuana, Cocaine, Alcohol, or any type of illicit drug which has a tendency to create dependence and abuse, and finally cause death due to the ill-effects on the body.

AWACIO, a non-profit organization and NGO, interested in the health and well-being of children and adolescents, welcomed this opportunity to create awareness to the students on the devastating effect of using/abusing drugs.  It is hoped that this awareness information will be carried over to the world drug abuse and trafficking day on June 26, 2015.

The event was well attended with over 50 students, school administration officials and other public health officials from various health care institutions. AWACIO gave a colorful presentation on the effects of drug abuse on health and society. This presentation was well received and followed up by a drama on the dangers of drug abuse, by the senior students. At the close of the event, the Principal & school administration officials appreciated AWACIO for shedding light on this important public health issue. Dr. Okeke thanked them and stated, “There is no doubt that drugs like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol, not used medically but as social euphoric affair destroys the body to the point of cardiac arrest, brain damage, heart failure, liver damage, and much more. AWACIO believes that children and adolescents are the future of the nation and their health must be preserved.  “They are the future, for a better and richer society,” she said.

AWACIO believes that creating this awareness will teach our teenagers them to say “NO” to drugs. This is in line with the organization’s mandate of furthering the total well-being of women, children and adolescents all over the world.




United Nations expresses that, “the one thing all children have in common is their rights. Every child has the right to survive and thrive, to be educated, to be free from violence and abuse, to participate and to be heard.”

Today in the world, we cannot boldly say that the rights of all children are fulfilled when despite our progress, about 6.6 million children under 5 years of age died in 2012, mostly from preventable causes; 168 million children aged 5 to 17 were engaged in child labour in 2012; and 11 per cent of girls are married before they turn 15 (United Nations).

AWACIO believes in investing in the total well-being of women, children and adolescents all over the world. Today on Children’s Day, the importance of empowering our children and laying a strong foundation for them cannot be over-emphasized. This is because the preparation we put in today, in the lives of our children, will bring forth the stepping stones on which they will build their tomorrow! With this in mind, it is crucial that we provide EVERY child with the opportunities necessary to realize their potential. AWACIO pledges its continued support to all marginalized and underprivileged children, here in Nigeria and worldwide.

Join us at www.awacio.org as we keep working hard to make this a reality.