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AWACIO Background

Who we are

The desire to advance the total well-being of a woman to go beyond reproduction issues, and eradication of several diseases that affect women is a passion of Aids for Women, Adolescent, and Children International Organization (AWACIO). Women scientists, clinicians, women politicians, women entrepreneurs, advocates and women's health researchers have emerged to strengthen their interest in specific areas of specialization. We greatly applaud that since a lot of women feel more comfortable in dealing with members in their gender.  There are some areas AWACIO wants to create awareness, education, and training. One of such areas is increasing the awareness in the medical knowledge of many common health conditions, such as cervical cancer, which is one of the top 10 causes of female deaths worldwide, and is a concern for AWACIO. Some of the challenges presented to AWACIO include untold hardship faced by widows particularly the  poor ones’ and their children, the emerging number of single mothers in the society especially at teenage levels. There is still a high rate of maternal mortality rates, HIV/AIDS, and the increasing level of tobacco consumption among adolescents, in addition to the increased level of sexual promiscuity in adolescents, and the widow population. AWACIO believes firmly in abstinence in all areas. There are other forms of gender-based violence which continue to be widespread. In our children, there is an increasingly heavy burden of non-communicable diseases, wasting of talents in the villages, and the lack of education and opportunity for female children (in some areas). Economic hardship has more effect on women especially those with no access to medical check-up and many more.  Thus educations and training of this population will highlight all these issues in addition to the benefits of abstinence.
AWACIO desires to help women achieve their dreams, and build confidence and self-worth in women, adolescents and children. We desire to push the need for equal access to education, training in science and technology. We also desire to push the opportunity for decent work for women, development of skills, and desire to know that their contribution is very important to the society. Existing issues on gender inequality prevents women of all ages from realizing their human right, and exercising their right in the workplace in order to reveal their skillful potentials. AWACIO will engage in women empowerment activities,  develop seminars, education, and awareness campaign on health matters such as  HIV/AIDS, cervical cancer, tuberculosis, and much in the rural areas and  villages.  AWACIO will strive to address the importance of psycho-social counseling, empowerment and emotional support, and identify the problems of widowhood and other issues such as street children and children trafficking.

Let's Build a World Without Child Abuse.


Let's build a world without Child Abuse. With your support, AWACIO can help a child start, grow and develop. The future of any nation lies in the strength of her youth. We can together.

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