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Training Conference for ,Widows in Bwari

Bwari Local Government Area, Abuja

Training Conference for Widows in Bwari, Bwari Local Government Area, Abuja.
tcbw1On the 29th of May, 2012, AWACIO held a training conference for the widows in Bwari, Bwari Local Government Area.

Over 100 widows gathered at the Bwari Women Center and were allowed totcbw3 gain knowledge on certain skills.

Trainers in the area of Bead making, Egg roll and Yam cake preparation were mobilized to teachthe skills. The widows were also lectured on how to use their skills to multiply their talents, and improve their livelihood.
The joy and smile on their faces were immeasurable. tcbw4


They tcbw5 exhibited enthusiasm, eagerness, and zeal to learn and to make money from what was presented to them. We are happy to report that the widows are eager to be empowered to the point of becoming providers in homes and not dependents of society.
At the end of the training event, each widow was given a certificate for the training and a souvenir from AWACIO. We, the AWACIO staff were fulfilled upon seeing the excitement on the widows’ faces as they went home, promising to practice their newly learnt skill to the point of perfection.tcbw6


tcbw2AWACIO will provide empowerment funds to each of these widows to enable them to engage theirskills for commercial gain. In accordance to the “Parable of the Talents” – Mathew 28:14-30, these women now have talents to be multiplied. We want you to donate to the empowerment of these widows.

Please make your donation on our website or contact us with information provided on the website. May God richly replenish your pockets as you give to the less privileged.

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