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AWACIO Vision, Mision, Goal

Who we are


Our vision is to advance the dream of women, adolescents and children.

To train and educate women, adolescents, and children in a way that will yield positive transformation in their lives.

Additionally, AWACIO endeavors to provide awareness to women, adolescents and children, and ensure that their rights are respected.


Our mission is to improve the total wellbeing of women, adolescents and children by engaging in activities and events that will enhance their welfare and livelihood. AWACIO will work to provide educational and training programs that will help advance their dream and build their confidence.

AWACIO will provide better lifestyle and opportunities for women, adolescents and children by creating means to empower them and the less privileged, discover and nurture talents especially in villages, enhance their growth and wellbeing.
AWACIO will aim to provide continuous education and communication on health preventive measures, screening and treatments to ensure better longevity for women, adolescents and children.
Our objective is to work and partner with stakeholders, cooperate bodies and other affiliated associations to achieve our goal and meet our challenges.


To improve the quality of health in women, adolescent, and children; by educating, providing preventive aids, performing screenings for early disease detection, counseling and training affected individuals on how to select the best follow-up treatment plan.

AWACIO is interested in raising young talents in the villages; assisting women, adolescents and children to achieve their dream in life irrespective of their backgrounds.

Let's Build a World Without Child Abuse.


Let's build a world without Child Abuse. With your support, AWACIO can help a child start, grow and develop. The future of any nation lies in the strength of her youth. We can together.

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