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AWACIO Habitat Project

Mpape, Abuja-Nigeria

hab1AWACIO is a non-profit organization with vested interest in improving the living condition and welfare of people as well as empowering them with the skills needed to improve their lifestyles. Recently, we began conducting a survey of Abuja and its environments and some of our findings have been displayed on our website.

One of the areas we visited is MPAPE and our disheartening findings include absence of drinking water, electricity, and public toilets. The living condition in this area is devastating, yet this is a community situated next to the nation's capital territory, Abuja.


Overpopulation is a major problem in Mpape resulting in congestion to the extent that there may be more than 10 persons per a small room of cubic size 10 ft by 10 ft. There is no over emphasizing the health hazards that this can result in. The photos speak for themselves.Without any doubt, the people mostly affected are women and children and these deplorable conditions have resulted in very high death tolls which sadly are undocumented for obvioushab3 reasons.  People are dying of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, and malaria on a daily basis. You can imagine the plight of the children in this area.

hab2You can imagine the state of the schools for these children.
hab4There are no good roads so transportation into the area is by over packed public transports. Most private vehicles cannot handle the bad roads so they avoid driving into the community. People park and walk or resort to public means of transport.
hab5The poor socioeconomic status of the majority in the community results in the inability to address the lack of adequate power supply using available means such as generators and so on. Thus they cannot own refrigerators so most foods are cooked and stored by natural means increasing the tendency for contractible diseases.
Life in Mpape with lack of basic living amenities such as WATER, FOOD, and LIGHT; basic sanitation requirements such TOILETS, Decent ACCOMODATIONS, and conducive livable ENVIRONMENTS, is unimaginable in this era of high level advancement in science and technology and AWACIO has a strong desire to bring a change into this helpless community.


hab5AWACIO believes that lives can be transformed and the dignity of the men, women, and children living in this area, improved substantially, but we cannot do this alone. As we champion this course, we need your support and contributions in any measure and we hope that your love for humanity will be aroused to help in any way possible.
As we target to eliminate this lack in Mpape we believe that there is a great opportunity to change lives and build a stronger foundation for tomorrow's leadership by making MPAPE a better living community.


Let's Build a World Without Child Abuse.


Let's build a world without Child Abuse. With your support, AWACIO can help a child start, grow and develop. The future of any nation lies in the strength of her youth. We can together.

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