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Mrs. Faith Chuko who could not pay her hospital bill after being transferred from Gwagwalada specialist Hospital to saint Mary’s Hospital in Gwagwalada was rescued from her plight.
The bill amounting to N40, 000 was offset by Aids for Women Adolescent, Children International Organization (AWACIO) on the 11th of June, 2014.
Making the payment at the Saint Mary’s Hospital, the spokesperson of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AWACIO said that the Organization was moved by the plight of the woman who could not afford to pay her hospital bill.hospitalasst15

He said that the CEO of  the NGO established in 2010, with the objective of taking care of the less privileged in the society, especially the women and children, was moved when she was informed that some patients were unable to settle their bills after receiving medical treatment at the said private hospital.  Mrs. Chuko’s situation was one of those and it occurred at an ill-opportune time.

AWACIO exists to help the needy and less privileged persons without any religious or political obligation. We look out for indigent members of the society who are in need for assistance”, he said.
Mr. and Mrs. Chuko who had a meager budget cut out for the delivery of their baby prepared themselves for the delivery at the government hospital (Gwagwalada specialist hospital).
Upon realizing the news that the doctors at the government hospital were on strike, they were dismayed and shocked when they were told to move to a private hospital (Saint Mary’s hospital) for the caesarian operation.
This, of course, meant more money which they did not budget for.  After the surgery, Mrs. Chuko was held for days at Saint Mary’s hospital due to her inability to completely pay her hospital bill.

Once Mrs. Chuko’s bills were settled, she went home jubilating.
She expressed her gratitude to God, for using AWACIO to come to her aid. In her words, she said “AWACIO is an angel sent by God to minister to her need at that point in time”. Below are some pictures taken at the hospital.

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Let's build a world without Child Abuse. With your support, AWACIO can help a child start, grow and develop. The future of any nation lies in the strength of her youth. We can together.

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